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“As a second-year PhD student at the University of Notre
Dame, and as a long-time member of campus ministries in the
university systems and local churches that I have been a part of,
this training solidified for me the transition from having been a
student, to now taking on the role of supporter and leadership
facilitator for campus ministries wherever I am. The Institute itself
was beneficial from the perspectives of networking, being updated
on the latest news in the world of Adventist campus ministries,
and being spiritually fed and renewed.”

Michelle Sawwan

University of Notre Dame

I arrived at Berkley expecting to simply receive tools and resources,

but I left with so much more! … This experience would not have been

possible if ARC had not graciously funded my trip to ACFI 2019…. I will

be eternally grateful.

Juliette Nyanamaba

Texas A & M University