Each year, ARC designates funds for initiatives established by the Board. Proposals of up to $500 for miscellaneous projects outside those priorities will also be considered. Proposals are accepted from individuals or organizations within the United States. Grants can be used for scholarships (including travel and living expenses at Adventist Christian Fellowship Institute, ACFI), or campus ministry operating expenses, or special projects.

A separate program provides emergency funding to help individual Adventist students at non-Adventist colleges and universities within the United States meet expenses for such necessities as food, books, and lodging. Follow this link for details.  

Most often, the application process involves one step, although the board might ask for additional details, which will require a second step.

Step 1. Submit an online application. (Fill out form on this page.)

The following are cut-off dates for submitting proposals:

September 30

October 15

November 15

Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals well in advance of these dates. Applications will be processed as received.

For individuals requesting funds to attend conferences (up to $500 per person), the proposal must include (in addition to information requested in the form) your institutional affiliation, your physical address, the amount requested, a detailed explanation of how the grant will be used, and a justification of why you are requesting funds.

For all other applicants, the proposal must contain a brief description of the organization (including names of and contact information for executive officers) and the project for which funding is requested, the total cost of the project, the amount requested, and a justification of why the organization is requesting the funds. When appropriate, proposals from organizations must also be accompanied with a copy of its 501(c)(3) certification letter.

If the Board determines that additional information is required, the application will move to the second step of the process.

Step 2. When requested, the applicant will:

  • Provide financial documentation and strategic planning information for the project
  • Consult with the Director.

The Board will then determine whether the application will be approved and, if funded, the amount of the grant.

Questions about applications for grants from Advancing Resources for Campus Ministries (ARC) should be sent to the Director at

NOTE: All successful applicants agree to provide ARC with:

Receipts that justify expenditures

A statement of the effect the grant has had on the recipient’s life (for individuals) or program (for organizations)

•  A photographic portrait of themselves (for individuals).

By accepting ARC funding, applicants give ARC permission to use those testimonies and portraits for publicity purposes.