Ministry Support $12,000.00


Scholarships $8,000.00


Special Projects $3,000.00


Endowment $1,000.00


Be the ARC!

Our goal is to raise at least $12,000 for 2017 and use it to support campus ministry in the following ways:
Scholarships for students attending ACF Summit or ACFI – $8000 ($500 scholarships for 16 students)

Special Projects/Grants
Fund grant applications for campus ministry projects – $3000

Money for growth of endowment for future scholarship/projects – $1,000

You can support these initiatives by making a donation here.

Past initiatives (2013-2016)

Awarded student for outstanding leadership in campus ministry

Organized/subsidized ACF Institute
Helped fund the publication of campus ministry training workbooks
Helped fund ACF conferences in the NorCal Conference of SDA
Helped fund ACF campus ministers’ summit
Funded student scholarships to ACFI
Funded travel to ASI Convention for ACF director
Funded travel to 180 Symposium for ACF director